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    Donna Beth Creations
    Exclusive Designer Veils & Accessories

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  • img1.jpg
    Brooke B.
    Denver, CO

    Thank the lord for this amazing lady !! I ordered my wedding dress from out of the country, When I got it it was so small I couldn't even pull it up past my hips. It was about 2 sized to small. Thank goodness she could take my dress out! Also she added better detailing around the back and front...

  • img2.jpg
    Rachel H.
    Golden, CO

    This place is AMAZING!!!! They are all super nice and are very flexible with schedules. Far better than the experience I had at the Bridal Collection. It's worth the extra couple hundred dollars to have your most important dress done well. (Although not cheap by any means.. You get what you pay...

  • img3.jpg
    Taryn O.
    Denver, CO

    I just had another fitting, and not only did they change around my room and wait for my entourage to join me, but Donna was very patient with me and all of my questions and craziness. My dress is so much better than it was last time I saw it! Donna is amazing and she was so kind even during my...

  • img4.jpg
    Lo S.
    Dallas, TX

    An absolutely amazing experience at Donna Beth!! Not only are the professional but enjoyable as well! The staff was joyful and helpful as well as Donna! Came here with the bride who bought her dress off Etsy. There were a lot of changes that i didn't think would be doable. Donna was able to...

  • img5.jpg
    Caitlin F.
    Englewood, CO

    I chose to use Donna Beth Creations based on her "The Knot" reviews and she was wonderful to work with.  She was very helpful and efficient in her work.  She always had wonderful suggestions from undergarments to the types of bustles to use.  It was refreshing going to Donna Beth -...