2021 wedding

The new year is finally here and the 2021 wedding world could not be more excited. Weddings are being scheduled at a mass rate and love is WINNING! With all of the newly engaged couples of 2021 combined with all of the couples who’s 2020 plans were changed, the next few years will be absolutely record breaking for the amount of couples getting married!

If you are planing a 2021 wedding, you are in luck! Get ready for it to be one of the most magical experiences of your LIFE! With industry wide revolutions making the bridal and wedding planning process more fun and easy than it has ever been, this is definitely the year to be planning your big day. Here are the top three best pointers for planning a wedding like a pro in 2021:

Timing is EVERYTHING, Book Ahead

This year is going to be a first come first served type of year. In order to allow your vendors to accommodate the influx of brides they will be seeing you will want to BOOK AHEAD and give plenty of notice. This is especially important with your bridal alterations! Booking ahead also gives you the advantage of being first priority and guarantees you what you need, when you need it!

Do your research

Prior or arriving to an appointment our wedding related excursion know your vendors Covid polices (ie: guest capacity, mask policy, etc…) and make necessary arrangements to keep yourself comfortable! You may be asked to wait in your car until your meeting our appointment starts so always stay prepared with the latest edition of Rocky Mountain Bride in your glove compartment!

Enjoy the Process

If there is anything 2020 has taught us, it’s that we have to enjoy ourselves! So, when you’re planning your wedding be open to the big beautiful world of possibilities and enjoy every second of it; Remember to celebrate YOU and your lover, and party like you are surviving a pandemic!

If you have any questions about planning for your 2021 wedding, bridal alterations, or anything at all please do not hesitate to reach out to our team!