You said “I DO”, now it is time for save the dates and to start planning your dream wedding! This fun and exciting experience will take a little extra preparation and know- how in the 2022 wedding season and we have everything you need to know! Grab a pen and paper (or just book mark this page), because we are going to give you all the heads- up you need to plan the most memorable day of your entire life! The largest factor that will make planning a 2022 wedding different from any other time in wedding history is the global supply chain, knowing the ins and outs and your way around any possible difficulties will make all the difference along your journey!

global supply chain crisis

Choose your date and be flexible

Dates are going to be limited and slots are filling up by the second. If you are looking to tie the knot during prime event season (late summer and early fall), you may find that some of the more coveted vendors in your area already booked out. Experts say that you may need 12- 16 months advance to book higher demand venues; Alternatively, you can consider some less traditional dates like Friday, Sundays or weekdays- there are no rules in 2022 and if your guests want to be there, with enough notice they will make it happen! You can even get in the trend of hosting multiple wedding events ex: have your ceremony on one day, possibly more intimate, then schedule your reception for another day that works better for availabilty and your fave vendors!

Getting married outdoors and COVID

Since outdoor weddings are a more safe bet during the pandemic, they are becoming increasingly more popular in 2022. While this allows for infinite venue options and magical scenery everywhere, knowing that your labor costs will increase (up to 30% according to The Knot), is crucial. Since everything has to be built up and adapted to host your wedding,  a significant amount of work goes into creating your vision outdoors. Work around? Pick a place that you love the scenery naturally, that decorates itself really! Spend less on flowers or decor by having them be naturally integrated into your chosen setting! The beach, the redwoods in California, the Mountains of Colorado and private gardens are a great place to start.


Be Patient- Staffing can be Short

We all experienced our share of professional difficulties that came along with covid; from lay- offs to unemployment incentives, and much more, so remember that it is still effecting the vendors you are working with and be patient! Do not leave things like finding your perfect gown or booking your florist to the last minute, you may not have the opportunity to work with the vendors you really want to due to their own staffing and availability limitations. If this happens then have a back- up plan and keep your mind flexible, do not put too much into one vendor, location, boutique, etc… There are so many incredible professionals out there to help guide you along the process don’t get overwhelmed or stressed if one avenue does not work the way you want it… everything happens for a reason after-all!

Flowers are in Extra High Demand

Think twice before conjuring up a plan of creating your own botanical gardens scene like Kim Kardashian for your big day, flowers are in high demand and low supply making them very expensive when planning for your 2022 wedding. Don’t fret tho! Limiting the amount of natural flowers you will need is a good place to start, then there are SEVERAL alternatives to your traditional wedding floral designs you may have never even thought of! Here are just a few to get the wheels turning:

  • Fabric Flowers for Wedding Decor.
  • Wheat Wedding Decor.
  • Brooch Bouquets for Weddings.
  • Felt Flowers for Wedding Arrangements.
  • Vegetables as Wedding Decorations.
  • Baby’s Breath Wedding Accents.
  • Silk Flower Wedding Arrangements.
  • Button Wedding Bouquet.
2022 wedding
boho wedding

The most important thing to remember when planning your 2022 wedding is have a blast and stay true to who you are! Be innovative, be clever and be flexible. Give yourself plenty of time and grace for each step of the planning process and make time to celebrate yourself and your new partner along the way. Just like with everything else, schedule your bridal alterations appointment well in advance. We cannot wait to meet all of our 2022 brides soon….Happy planning!