Our Brides here at Donna Beth Creations all have one thing in common, on their wedding day they want to be memorable! Bridal style is as unique as a fingerprint and we believe that two gowns should never be identical, because even identical twins strive for individuality on their day! Here is a list of 5 killer customizations that can be made any gown to make it YOUR perfect gown!

  1. Plunging the Neckline- Want to add a little feminine touch to an otherwise basic neckline? Creating a plunge is the perfect way to show a little skin while making your gown uniquely yours!
  2. Detachable Over skirt- Can’t decide between that fierce fitted gown and that romantic flow number? Well, don’t! We will create the perfect custom over skirt to add to your fitted gown- giving you the best of both worlds, and shocking your guest with your wardrobe “change”.
  3. Detachable Sleeves- Sometimes you want sleeves, but your perfect gown just does not come with them… no worries! We will build a custom sleeve on your gown with your own personal touch to make them just right! You don’t want to be stuck in sleeves all day/ night anyhow, you’ll need to dance!
  4. Custom Bolero- This modern bridal trend is another way to really change up your bridal look mid- event and keep your guests on their feet. Custom boleros can be made with any lace to coordinate your gown and with any neckline you can dream of… Want that sophisticated high- neck for the ceremony, bolero! Looking to evoke a little sensuality with your strapless gown? Let’s make it an off the shoulder bolero!
  5. Add some Color- Want to add a little color to your gown? We can do that! Whether it is a soft and subtle layer nested under the many layers of your wedding dress, or a re- embroidered lace detail, we’ve got your “something blue”… or pink….or lavender… or…. Whatever your heart desires!


We cannot wait to help you make your wedding dress a true one- of- a- kind, just like you are! Spaces are limited so please do not hesitate to schedule an appointment! If you have any questions or would like a complimentary quote please feel free to to give us a call at: (720)-373-9403 or send us an e-mail at donna@donnabethcreations.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


one of a kind
one of a kind bride