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Wedding Alterations, Exclusive Bridesmaids, Vintage and Custom Dress Making, Denver, Colorado

Donna has worked on hundreds of designers from around the world for 30 years, in all price ranges, fabrics and styles. We alter wedding gowns, special event gowns, bridesmaids, mother of the bride gowns and special event gowns.

Pricing Alterations on bridal gowns range from $200–$800 with an average of around $450-$500. The average includes hemming, taking in or letting out your side seams, and bustling. Custom changes are additional costs. Ex: Making a sweetheart neckline, lowering the back on your dress, etc.


What to Bring

Donna Beth Creations does provide a complimentary pickup service. We can arrange with any of our exclusive salons to pick up your gown for you for your first fitting. Make sure to bring your gown (if we are not picking it up for you), shoes, and undergarments that you expect to wear to your first fitting. Shoes and undergarments must be brought at all fittings including your pickup date. Feel free to bring family and friends to your fittings—the rooms are quite spacious—plus we can provide champagne for you to toast!


Fitting Expectations

We book 9 months in advance, so call as soon as you have your gown. Or better yet, call as soon as you have it ordered. Payment can be made by check (our preferable payment), cash, or all major credit cards. Payments are made in full at the first fitting as there are no additional charges after the first fitting unless there is any desire to change anything further.


First Fitting

At the first fitting, you will be pinned in your dress and we will make a note of everything that needs to be done to your dress so it is altered to perfection. As mentioned before, payment will be taken up front on this day. Unless there is any desire to change your dress further, you will not be charged again.


Second Fitting

Your second fitting will be scheduled after your first fitting and will be based upon your wedding date or destination wedding. If you are out of town for any reason or are traveling into town for your fittings, we can work with you to make sure that we schedule your fittings best to your schedule. At this fitting, your dress will be taken in/let out at the side seams (if that was needed). In order for this to happen, certain seams need to be open. These seams will remain open until you pick up your dress just in case they need to be taken in or let out any further. Bustles will also be pinned in and ready to be double checked.


Final Fitting

Final fittings are scheduled the week before the wedding or the week before you leave for your destination wedding. This fitting will be a final check up to make sure everything is going as planned with your alterations so we can make our final changes (if needed) and close up all the seams so your dress will be ready for pickup. We will double check your fit, bustle, and hem. The hem will still not be cut until the pickup date: we always make sure to measure twice and cut once! Seams will still be open in case any changes need to be made.


Pickup Date

Your pickup date will be scheduled within 1 week from your wedding/travel date. If you are planning on flying with your dress, we will happily pack it for you in a carry­on suitcase so it will be with you at all times. You can bring your carry­on suitcase to us on the pickup date. If you are not traveling for your wedding, we will press and steam it to perfection for you. We will have you try on your dress one last time to make sure that it is absolutely perfect. After this, we will pack your dress up for you—either in a long pink bag that is gusseted for those long trains and big skirts, the original dress bag that it came in, or in the carry­on suitcase provided—and you will be on your way ready for your wedding day!


Custom Design

Here at Donna Beth Creations, we have a team of passionate people that love to make your vision come to life. If you cannot find the perfect gown and want to create your very own, one of a kind gown, we embrace any opportunity to get creative!