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Bridal Alterations 101: Expert Tips & Advice

Published : 12/13/2016 19:54:00
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You had the ultimate bridal experience, you found the gown of your dreams, it arrives six months later…. and it does not fit. This is the critical time when alterations can transform the gown that arrived from the designer, to the perfect dress for your wedding day. 

Alterations are usually necessary due to the fact that mot gowns are not custom, they are made by size charts, and matched to your measurements to get as close as possible. By taking in the sides, removing extra fabric off your hem or simply creating a bustle, you take a gown you love, to the best-fitting garment you have ever owned. 

Brilliant Bridal in Denver, Colorado specializes in selling designer gowns off the rack, they have put together a mini series to answer all your top questions when it comes to bridal alterations.

Question 1: When Should I Start My Bridal Alterations?

Question 2: Do I Need Any Special Undergarments?

Question 3: What Happens if I Lose Weight After My First Fitting?

Question 4: How Much Can I Customize my Wedding Dress?

Question 5: What About my Shoes?

Question 6: How Should I Bustle my Wedding Gown?

Here at Donna Beth Creations, wedding seamstress and alterations expert, Donna Savoy, strives to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible. We hope this series helps you as you make the gown of your dreams, fit you like a glove!

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