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Bridal Trends Coming Soon- Fall 2017

Published : 12/20/2016 11:50:58
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Every year, wedding gown designers fill the New York bridal market with new and innovative styles to start the trends for the fall bride-to-be. Models strut the runway wearing traditional styles, such as a lace, the classic Grace Kelly inspired gowns, low-backs and shimmering beaded silhouettes, but this year there were some nice surprises as well. Here is a review of the biggest bridal trends coming your way in Fall of 2017:

  • Flower Power

For the boho-inspired bride, floral lace appliques are a must-have for the upcoming season. While lace patterns are known for their dainty floral patterns, this years’ trend brings about a larger, 3D floral applique to the bridal gown, adding dimension and romance!

  • High Neck Gowns

Necklines have changed dramatically, from the plunging V-neck and cleavage-bearing gowns of 2016 to the high neck gowns seen on the runway for 2017. This trend is perfect for the fashion-forward and conservative brides, a suitable style for church weddings or the anti-strapless crowd.

  • Cold Shoulder

This European inspired look has made a come-back in bridal and bridesmaids’ styles alike, creating a soft and feminine addition to any wedding day. This trend is beautiful on women with great collarbones, arms and shoulder-lines to give a subtle sex appeal while keeping it classic.

  • Metallic Hues

Brides have always loved a little bedazzle, but this year brings an edgier approach to sparkle with metallic hues of silver, black, brushed gold and rose hued beading. These gowns have a trendy, modern and cutting-edge appeal to brides looking to be ahead of the curve!

  • Pant Suits

With changing times comes changing fashion, and this is the year of the power pant suit, even on your wedding day. Whether is classic fashion, or comfort you seek, this trend is bound to make a debut on many aisles in 2017 and we can’t wait!

We hope you are ready for these bridal trends of 2017, we know we are!

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