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Mother of the Bride: Styles of 2017

Published : 01/31/2017 13:18:39
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The bride must be the spotlight, but the mother of the bride is the support role for the wedding day, deserving of a beautiful gown as well! We have some style guidance below, based on the trends coming out in 2017.

Lace Sleeves

Most women like to have a little coverage for the wedding to ensure that the photos taken that day are flattering. Sleeves also help with warmth, a perfect trend for our Colorado brides!

Pant Suits

For those Mothers’ that don’t love the idea of wearing a dress, the perfect pant suit can flatter any shape and still give off a formal feel.

Dresses with Jackets

Spring wedding? Unsure of what the weather will do? This dress and jacket combination will provide a sleek, modern look for the classic mother of the bride, while providing flexibility for weather, and dancing!

Tea Length Gowns

Looking to show a little leg? Tea length gowns are making a comeback, even in bridal! Find a fun pair of shoes to show off as well!

Bling Bling Baby!

A beaded mother of the bride gown can add formality, and youth, to the wedding day!

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