Hello to all of our beautiful 2021 and future brides! If you are reading this you are probably a blushing bride-to-be who wants to know all about the bridal fashion trends for the year of her wedding, and the good news is… we have got them all!

With unique sleeves, decadent colors, rich fabrics, handcrafted embellishments and the perfect mix of modern meets timeless, the 2021 bride is sure to stand out from the rest, now let’s do this!

Frills, Frills, and MORE Frills


In 2021 bridal fashion, frills will once again flood the scene! Whether you are getting married in a castle or at the local Denver Botanical Gardens, frills with all of their assymetrical folds, overlapping and couture gathers, you are sure to be a show stopper!

Everything is Bigger in COLORADO

bridal fashion trends 2021

If there is one MASSIVE trend (no pun intended) that is going to making a HUGE come back… sorry, couldn’t help ourselves… it’s going to be a big voluminous skirt! Take advantage of one of the most self expressive days of your life and go… BIG!

Gown Sleeves that make a Statement


Move over for the style goddesses! 2021 promises to be the year of the sleeve! Sleeves are getting better than ever in 2021 and enable brides so much more variety to reflect their true personality! Likely some fun variations of puffy sleeves, tattoo lace sleeves and sleeves in new fabric blends will make an appearance!

Crepe, Satin & Mikado


These types of ultra- clean fabrics are going to rule the runway and the bridal fashion scene in 2021. Known for having a sophistication and elegance to them that cannot be matched, they are perfect for a bride who wants to be seen and remembered for her boldness!

Baby Got Back!


Anna Campbell lumiere

Seductive, fun and head-turning… the low back is going to new levels in 2021! Who doesn’t like surprising their guest with an unexpected punch from the back while showing off a little!?

Chantilly Never Goes Out of Style

There is nothing more staple and timeless in bridal fashion than Chantilly lace, and it sure does not disappoint in 2021! For the romantic, vintage bohemian bride, this soft lace look is always a win!

Organic Fluidity & Movement


That’s right! in 2021 it’s all about being fluid and being able to move effortlessly in your gown! Fabrics like chiffon and English net will be EVERYTHING!

Feather me Exquisite

bridal fashion trends 2021

You didn’t think we would forget about FEATHERS, did you!? This chilling look is sure to have you standing out in the minds and hearts of all! Feathers never really went anywhere in bridal fashion, bun in 2021, they are here like never before!

Two pieces and Jumpsuits- that’s all we have to say…

anna campbell
bridal jumpsuit

These adorable, yet fearless little numbers are the perfect choice for the most daring of modern brides! Whether it is an elegant jumpsuit or a two- piece, you are going down in history 2021 bride- to- be!

Now that we have totally fallen head over heels for these killer 2021 bridal fashion trends, we hope you have too! Do not wait too long to get your gown and book your first alterations appointment where it all comes to LIFE, we cannot wait to see you then! If you already have a gown and want to learn more about customizing these stunning trends onto your gown call us today for a complimentary consultation!