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Wedding Alterations, Exclusive Bridesmaids, Vintage and Custom Dress Making, Denver, Colorado

Here at Donna Beth Creations, we know that this may be a new experience for you. Here are some answers to our most common questions, if you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

How long before the wedding date should I start alterations?
We recommend that you start your alterations as soon as your gown comes in, it is never too early. We recommend calling after placing your gown order, so we can secure your preferred appointment time. This allows more time for three to four fittings total, which can be scheduled over a few months.

How long are alteration appointments?
Each fitting lasts approximately 30 minutes, with a total of 3-4 fittings.

How long will you have my gown?
From your first fitting (or pickup from the exclusive salon) by Donna Beth Creations, your gown will stay with us through all fittings until your final pickup. There are no storage fees for having your gown here in our studio.

What do I need to bring with me to my fittings?
If you have your gown, bring that with you to your first fitting along with your preferred form of payment. If you would like us to pick your gown up from our exclusive salons, we would be happy to do so. To all fittings, bring your shoes, undergarments and any other accessories you may want. If you haven't found your accessories yet we would be happy to help you finish your look with our exclusive accessory collection.

What is the average cost of bridal alterations?
Bridal alteration costs range from $200-$600 for standard alterations, custom alterations and custom changes may be an additional cost.

What do I do if I am traveling with my gown?
We understand that many brides are traveling with their gowns, we will assist you in packing your gown at your final pick-up date. We recommend that you bring a small carry-on suitcase with you if you are flying, if you are driving we will help you load the gown into your car.

What if I want to lose weight before the wedding day?
Many brides fluctuate during this process, we leave our side seams open until the final fitting to accommodate any changes. You may continue to lose weight through the final fitting. At this point we recommend you maintain to ensure your gown fits properly.

Do you do custom work?
At Donna Beth Creations we believe that anything is possible, as you can see in our logo with the infinity symbol, the sky is the limit. We love to make the gown you always dreamed of come to life.

Do you have veiling and accessories?
Donna Beth Creations carries a moderately priced collection of hair accessories, veiling and jewelry. View our online store or our accessory wall in the studio during your fittings, to complete your bridal look.

Do you make bridesmaids gowns?
Donna Beth Creations has a signature collection of bridesmaids available in silk chiffon, silk dupioni and silk taffeta. We have over 275 color options to fit your bridal vision. Contact us or go to the online store for more information or to request a fabric swatch.

Do you press/steam gowns?
Pressing and/or Steaming your bridal gown is included in the cost of alterations. If you have your gown altered already or are having a destination wedding in Colorado, and need a professional to press or steam your gown we are happy to accommodate you for $50-$150, depending on the gown.