On March 15, 2020 the CDC officially recommended the cancellation of weddings in the United States for eight weeks. If you are one of the many brides needing to postpone your wedding because of the corona virus, we want you to know that you are not alone in this! When planning a wedding it is front of mind, first- and- foremost; something like the corona virus is NOTHING you can ever plan for. That being said, you can handle this situation with grace and poise, because we have your back with a few pointers to help get you back on track.

We reached out to a plethora of  fellow wedding professionals to get their 2- sense on this ordeal.  One particular sentiment was echoed over and over: the sooner you commence plan B, the better!


postpone your wedding

Our Tips for Colorado Brides Planning Wedding Amidst the Corona Virus:

  • Keep the celebration going- you found your person, you are getting married, nothing is going to change that!
  • Communicate! With your vendors, with your guest and with each other. This circumstance is far outside of your control and everyone should be more than understanding and accommodating.
  • Know your contracts/contractual rights and check your insurance (yes wedding insurance is a thing). Understand your financials and know things that determine what happens with prepaid cost.
  • Go with your gut- in these uncertain times you have to let your inner voice guide!
  • Postpone, DO NOT CANCEL- You are having your celebration still, and there us an entire world in the greater Denver Metro that is willing to make mountains move to help you!
  • Stay informed– Know what the CDC, congress etc are saying in regards to dates and expectations- this is your best source.
  • It is important to remember why you are doing this, why you are getting married. It is so much more the perfect gown you have always dreamed of, or even the floral arrangement you spent months contemplating- it is because you want to celebrate your INCREDIBLE LOVE while being surrounded by those who you love most!

We are still working hard on your gowns and plan to do any and everything we can to help our brides and our community through this time. Please to not hesitate to reach out at anytime with any questions you may have about having to postpone your wedding due to the corona virus!