It’s easier than you think!

Many of the brides-to- be that call our shop and other bridal boutiques in the area are often times concerned about what they need to do to prepare themselves for their bridal alterations. Whether they are still debating what custom touch they want to add or may they have specific body goals they want to meet, many brides want to know more about preparing for and getting their bridal alterations journey started! Rest assured that we are going to give you the 411 and everything a bride needs to know to be totally confident and ready to go for alterations!

When should I book my appointment?

Call and book your appointment the minute you purchase your gown, even if you are way ahead of the curve- this will put you first in line when the time comes to get you started and on the books with your preferred time- slots! If you are ordering a gown you can book your appointment as soon as you get a confirmation ship date from the designer!

When will I get started?

We will likely see you 3-4 months prior to your wedding date, however, it is crucial that you book your appointment in advance to guarantee that we will be able to complete your gown in the proper stages. If you need to condense this time frame we do offer expedited services!

What if I plan to change my body?

Totally fine! We will follow any change in your figure all the way up to the week or so before your wedding to ensure that your gown fits like a glove on your big day!

When do I pay?

You will receive a quote over the phone when booking and your total fee for alterations will be due in full at your first appointment, never changing or increasing for the outlined work!

What should I bring to my first appointment?

We will of course need your beautiful gown, any under garments/ shapeware you are considering wearing, the shoes you will be wearing (or a heel/flat that is the same height), and a friend or loved one who wants to add to the celebration of YOU!

If you have any other questions about how to prepare or what to expect during your bridal alterations process please feel free to reach out to us at anytime:

(720)-373-9403 or