Donna has worked on hundreds of designers in all price ranges, fabrics, and styles. With 30 years of expertise, Donna and her team alter wedding gowns, special event gowns, bridesmaids, mother of the bride gowns, and special event gowns.


Alteration pricing on a bridal gown ranges from $500-$1,000 with an average of around $700-$800. The average includes hemming, taking in or letting out your side seams, and bustling the train. Please keep in mind that extensive lace or beading may cause the price of alterations to rise outside of the estimated average cost. Custom changes, such as changing the neckline or lowering the back of your dress, are an additional cost.

What to Bring

At your first fitting, you will want to bring your wedding gown, shoes, any undergarments you plan to wear on the day of, and either cash or check as your method of payment. If you purchased your gown at a salon that Donna Beth Creations partners with, a complimentary pickup service can be provided. Simply bring all of your other items, and leave the transport of the dress to us!

First Fitting

At your first fitting, you will be pinned in your dress and we will make a note of everything that needs to be done, including any custom changes that you desire. Your entire first fitting normally lasts about 30 minutes. After the fitting, all of the alterations on your invoice and pricing will be confirmed, and payment will be taken in full.

If adjustments need to be made on the alterations that have already been paid for, no additional payment will need to be taken. For example, if a bride happens to lose weight between the first and second fitting and the dress needs to be taken in at the same seams a bit more, this will not be an additional cost. What would be an additional cost would be any extra changes that were not covered in the initial fitting. An example of this would be if a bride happened to have a change of heart and decided to take the plunge and lower the neckline on her gown.

After payment is received, the second fitting will be booked–this is normally set for one to two months before your wedding date. If you are an out-of-town bride, we can absolutely make sure to adjust our typical fitting scheduling to fit your needs.

Second Fitting

At the second fitting, fit will be confirmed first and foremost. Any custom work should be completed at this time as well. Both fit and custom changes can be adjusted from here on out. Hemming will not be completed at the second fitting. This is because when the gown is fit appropriately, it may make the hem rise or fall. Instead of having the hem finished at a second fitting, it will be repinned if necessary. Bustles will be pinned in the dress and ready to be checked or adjusted if need be.

The second fitting normally lasts anywhere between 15-30 minutes, depending on any changes that need to be made. Once finished, you will schedule out for your final fitting. This is typically set two weeks prior to your wedding date.

Final Fitting

At the final fitting, your entire gown will be finished. If you wanted to and if your dress is fitting to perfection, you could even take your dress with you at this time! At the pickup date, however, we make sure to have your dress pressed and ready for you. If you are not traveling for long hours, you may want to consider waiting until the pickup date, which is set after your final fitting and scheduled as close to your wedding date as you would like.

Pickup Date

At the pickup date, if any changes were made at the last fitting, it is typically recommended that you try your gown on one last time. Unless you are traveling for long hours or are flying with your dress, it will be pressed and ready to go. Your gown will be packed into its original bag, and you will be on your way with gown in hand. If you are traveling via airline, we recommend that you bring a carry-on bag and we can pack your dress for you. If you have any questions or concerns about travel or pressing touch-ups on your gown, feel free to ask! Our staff is happy to help, and no question is too small.