Vintage Wedding Dress Redesign

Everything the Denver Bride- to- Be need to know about Vintage Wedding Dress Redesign and more!

If you have been so lucky to receive vintage, heirloom wedding dress from your mother, grandmother, or another loved one consider this GOLD! This gown symbolizes the power of all the Queens who came before you in your family and the sentimental value it can bring to your big day is priceless! So many brides are excited yet skeptical of the style, fit, size, or even the quality of fabric years later- don’t be! Our team at Donna Beth Creations not only specializes in, but LIVES for custom vintage wedding dress redesign.

This exciting adventure can be simply summed up to give you the best possible idea of what to expect during your custom bridal gown redesign:

1. Contact Donna Beth Creations ASAP (9-12 months out from wedding preferred)

The very first step in this fun and exciting experience is to bring the gown to us so that we can get a game plan together, and begin a comprehensive analysis of the current state of your heirloom piece. It is possible that we will recommend a vintage restoration/ cleaning, we can refer an excellent company!

2. Let Our Designer Get to Know YOU and your Unique Bridal Style!

Donna and her Wedding Gown Redesign Team, need to know everything there is to know about our blushing bride to be! What are your big likes and dislikes? Ie: Neckline, beading, gown cut, bodice structure, etc… We want to see images of gowns you have been drawn to, Pinterest boards and all! This will help us be totally prepared for your first appointment with possible sketches and other materials if necessary!

3. First Appointment

This is where your dreams and ideas all start to come to life! We recommend that you bring your shoes for your wedding, your gown and anything else you will need will already be with us, no need to fuss with carting it around and risking any tragedies. During this appointment we may collect additional measurements and dive deeper into your vision for your vintage wedding gown.

4. Implement First Set of Changes

It is time for our team to start working their magic! Seems are getting opened, pins are going in and whatever additional fabrics we will be using are introduced now.

5. Second Appointment

Now is when things get real and you will start to get a crystal clear vision of your incredible dress- this is generally a VERY exciting appointment! During this custom vintage bridal alteration consultation we will want to ensure that we are on track with your style vision and make any necessary adjustments needed. We will also be checking that the measurements are fitting as desired. 

6. Sewing

Your dream wedding dress is about to become a reality.   Throughout this period, she may be in contact with you for minor tweaks or other measurements- we want your dress to be perfect. 

7. Dress Rehearsal 

Finally it is time to try on your final product, YOUR custom vintage wedding dress! Bring a few key members from your bridal party so we can give them a crash course on bustling your gown’s train. 

8. The Big Day

There will be nothing to do now but slay girl! We know you will feel confident and fearless in your custom wedding dress on your big day, enjoy every minute of it!

Ready to get this party started!? Awesome, CONTACT US TODAY , our team cannot wait!

*images shown are not the work of DBC*

Vintage Wedding Dress Redesign