Congrats on your engagement…. your big will likely be here before you know it!! Now that it is time to shop for a wedding dress, here a a few pro tips to help make your wedding alterations experience fun and easy! 

Most bridal dresses are made to be altered, unless you are getting a couture or custom designed gown, which may still need a few touches here and there, especially if there are any changes in the bride. Each designer created their own size chart and associated proportions , and the scope of work can vary greatly, depending on the brides final vision. The most important thing to keep in mind is the more labor intensive the request, the more time and money you should allow for the process.

With the help of a Donna Beth Creations, your gown will fit like your fairy god mother whipped it up just for you… Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo!

Here are a few pro tips and pointers for and Denver Bride to know before she gets her wedding dress:

When do I go?

We always recommend you leave ample time to get your alterations completed. If you have your gown call your bridal seamstress immediately to get on the calendar! It is never to early to call your seamstress once you have your gown, they will advise as to when you need to start, but this will get the time you need reserved! Usually you will begin the alterations process about 3 months prior to your wedding day. Some brides are under the false impression that if they want to loose or gain wait, they will have to be at their target weight to start alterations and that is incorrect! We will follow any changes all the way up to your wedding !

Depending on the scope of work, you could be visiting your seamstress 2-4 times with your last visit ideally being a week or so prior to your big day.

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Where should I go?

Experience is everything ! Go to a bridal seamstress with plenty of experience (specifically with wedding gowns) and a great reputation. Reviews on popular sites like Google and The Knot can help! A great seamstress with good ties to their community will likely also be able to help with a proper cleaning for a bridal dress, as this is not something a standard dry cleaner should be relied on for.

What should I bring?

We recommend you bring whatever  undergarments you plan on wearing (spanx, bra…), and shoes.  If you have a veil you would like to keep in the bad with your gown, bring that as well.Pro tip: Schedule your hair and make up trial before one of the fittings to ensure you like the overall look with the dress on!! It is very important to envision your wedding dream look and ensure you love it. If you don’t have the exact shoe you will be wearing, bring something similar in height.

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Who should I bring with me?

While you might have a massive posse of bridesmaids, it might be a bit overwhelming to bring everyone to your fittings- consider inviting your mom, another trusted relative and/ or friend who focuses on details to your fittings for their reliable opinion and another set of eyes. Be sure to invite your maid of honor or a good friend to the last fitting *Dress Rehearsal*  before you pick up your dress, so they could learn how to bustle your dress and how to help you get dressed on the day. It is also very helpful to record a video how the seamstress helps you get dressed from the start to the end.

What to expect

Standard wedding alterations For a bride include adjusting the side seams of your gown to fit your exact proportions, hemming the front so that you can walk effortlessly, and setting bustles so that you do not have to drag your train behind you all evening. If you are looking to make custom changes that require more of your gowns fabric purchase and bring that along to your first fitting. With Donna Beth Creations you will receive a quote over the phone when booking and pay for your alterations during your first appointment. You will not accrue any additional fees unless you make new changes.

Please call or email us with any wedding alterations questions you may have about alterations, bridal wear, or just being a bride !