wedding dress cleaning

We are super excited to announce that we are now offering wedding dress cleaning and preservation services here at Donna Beth Creations!  We are always looking for ways that we may better serve our brides and make their wedding experience as fun and easy as possible, and we think you are really going to love this! Whether you need your wedding gown cleaned before or after your wedding, we have got you covered! 

Here is everything you need to know about our wedding dress cleaning and preservation services for you big day:

1- Reach out to Donna Beth Creations ASAP! Typically wedding dress cleaning can be extremely costly, but Donna has cut the costs nearly in half for her brides and extends insider pricing to each of you, do not pay more!

2- If you purchased an off the rack gown (or have a gown passed down from family or friends) and need to have it cleaned prior to your wedding we will simplify the process for you! Just let us know when booking your first alterations appointment with us and we will do all the leg work! Get your dress cleaned and altered in one place.

3- Want to resell your gown? We will help you get the maximum price for your dress by returning it to it’s former glory, adding to the value of your sale!

4- Want to make an heirloom piece out of your gown and pass it on through the decades? Our wedding gown preservation services are just the thing you need to keep your garment in the family for generations to come.

Here are some things to avoid:

1- Waiting too long. Stains can become set-in and difficult to treat, contact us promptly to set up your wedding dress cleaning and preservation.

2- Using a cleaner who does not SPECIALIZE in wedding dresses. Not all garments are the same and wedding dresses are typically made with more delicate fabrics, multiple layers and even components that need to be removed before cleaning. Do not make the mistake of letting just any cleaner clean your special gown!

3- Do not try to remove stains on your own… for the reasons listed above in point #2, you will likely make the gown worse before you see any improvements.

4- Storing the gown incorrectly after the wedding. It is okay if you have a little time between your big day and  the cleaning, but it is important to keep the gown in a safe place, hung in the original garment bag if possible.

We are super excited to help you clean and preserve such a memorable garment and take pride in offering such an important service to our brides. If you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment please feel free to contact: ! We are looking forward to hearing from you!