standard bridal alterations

Trying on wedding gowns is such a fun and exhilarating experience, it is understandable that many brides overlook or even forget to ask about what to do after you say YES! to the dress. If you are one of those brides, CONGRATULATIONS! You found your perfect wedding gown, and now you found everything you need to know and more about standard bridal gown alterations. As our name suggests, nothing we do here at Donna Beth Creations is quite “standard”, rather each and every bride has a custom alteration plan. Standard is referring to the three alteration types that 90% of brides require: side seems, hem and bustle. 

Side Seams

Most every gown is created with seams running down the sides from top to bottom. This is where the gown can be customized and molded to fit YOUR unique shape. Whether you are in a dress that fits only into the small of your waist, or an ultra sleek, fully fitting gown, the side seams is where all the magic happens!

What variables affect this cost?

  • Contrary to popular belief, the amount of fabric that must be removed from the side seems is a lot less important than how far down the body we must open and alter the seams of a gown (ie: a-line versus mermaid). Lace and beaded designs will increase cost.

Average Cost for side seam alterations: $150- $250


Wedding dress designers cut their dresses to an extra long length so that most women can wear them with or without a heel and still have some extra length in order to customize it to their height. During your fitting you will be wearing your chosen bridal shoe so that we can customize your gown’s hem to the proper length for your look.

What variables affect this cost?

  • Clean/ unfinished skirts with no lace or beading will be the least expensive and time consuming to alter. The more intricate the design on/ around your hem, the more our team must work to carefully remove,  adjust and re-attach your special details (lace/ beading) by hand.

Average Cost for wedding dress hem alterations: $250- $450


If you have a train, you need a bustle! A well done bustle and its beautiful cascading nature tends to further show- off your gown’s assets; train bustles are essential for picking your dress up off the ground and allowing your effortless mobility during your reception.

What variables affect this cost?

  • The cost here is entirely dependent on the size/ diameter/ weight of your train and how many bustle points it takes to get it beautifully off the ground.

Average Cost for bustle alterations: $15/ point: average 7-9 sets

Not sure if standard alterations are for you, or curios about the cost of custom changes? We are happy to provide you with a complimentary quote over the phone, call today!