Being a bride- to- be and planning a wedding can be one of the most exciting, fun, AND question- filled experiences of your life. We hope to be a small part of that magic in your future, but until then, here are a tips and tricks to ease your mind and help you feel confident when shopping for a wedding dress and throughout the bridal gown alteration process!

How long before my wedding should I start my alterations?

We recommend starting alterations about nine months prior to your wedding, and completing them over the course of those months leading up to your wedding with 3 fittings at our boutique, although you are able to book well in advance. If your wedding is already less than 9 months away do not panic! Just get on the phone and give us a call as soon as you have found your gown and we will do our very best to help you.

But what if I lose weight!? Will my dress still fit?

This is a very common question when discussing the time frame of alterations and you are not to worry! We will alter your dress in steps over time, making adjustments when/ if necessary based on your body. Ideally your dress is not completed until just a week or two prior to your big day!

What is the difference in my bridal alterations process if I purchase a dress that is “my size” –vs- a sample/ off the rack gown?

Surprisingly, less than you think! Whether you purchase a gown new in your size (not made to measure, but sized) or you have purchased a discount sample gown, we generally still will take in the side of the dress to fit your unique bust, waist and hip measurement, hem the gown to your exact height, and finally, set the bustles to pick up your train, at minimum.

Do I need to have my shoes for my first fitting?

Yes! We recommend you have your shoes you wish to wear on your wedding day at your first bridal alterations appointment as this will help determine your final hem length. If you do not have the shoes you want to wear yet, a shoe with the same heel height would be a great compromise.

Do I need my wedding veil for the first fitting?

Picking a wedding dress is a great enough accomplishment for one day, and if you have gotten that far, we commend you! You most certainly do not need your veil during the alterations process what-so- ever, but it sure is fun to see it with your gown during your final fitting or “dress rehearsal” as we like to call it! Donna Beth Creations carries a beautiful assortment of designer veils for you to choose from as well for your convenience.

Can I bring guests to my fittings?

You are more than welcome to bring guest to your fitting, but we encourage you to keep this special time as stress free and easy as possible with just your closest loved ones!

Do you do customizations?

Our expert team is capable of the most incredible customizations in the industry! From lowering the back, to adding straps and even incorporating pieces from mom’s vintage wedding dress, we can do it all! You provide the vision and we will take care of the rest.

I bought a sample/ off the rack / used wedding dress, do you recommend I have a clean before or after bridal alterations?

Once again, we have you covered! We send out gowns for cleaning between your 2nd and final fitting. We work with a local organic cleaners that give us a much discounted price that we pass along to all our brides!

Do I need a bustle?

If your wedding dress has a train (fabric that follows behind on the floor), then you need a bustle. This will allow you proper mobility during your party and helps preserve your gown. We will show you and your loved ones how the bustles work during your final fitting… they are Champagne proof! ☻

How much do wedding dress alterations cost?

With bridal alterations, like anything else, you get what you pay for! Our typical bride pays anywhere from $300- $900 for a gown that fits like it was made for her body (and oh yes, our brides who wear strapless wedding dresses can rest assured that they will not be doing the infamous “gown tug up” that is less than elegant looking on their big day)! Customizations are additional and can be discussed and priced at your first fitting.

If you would like to know more, or you are ready to reserve your bridal alterations appointment with the top wedding seamstress in the Denver Metro, call: (720)-373-9403 or email: today!

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