Are you considering eloping or having a small, more intimate wedding to celebrate you and your  partners nuptials? Well you are not alone! Intimate weddings and elopements are at an all time high, and we hear they are EVERYTHING! So many couples have either had a slight (or not so slight) change of plans over the last year when it comes to their wedding and things seem to be shifting from massive gatherings, sometimes in exotic destinations, to smaller, more quant, romantic events for family and close friends of the engaged couple. 

Here are a few tips for our Colorado brides who plan on having and intimate wedding or eloping in 2021:

  • Somebody already loves you and wants to marry you… you WIN!… Since we adore you, however, here are a few more…
  • Whether you are having an intimate wedding, or eloping, DO NOT cheat yourself on wearing a lovely dress (or suit)… you will regret it!
  • Plan ahead and book any necessary vendors as far in advance as possible ie: seamstress, photographer, baker, wedding coordinator, etc…
  • Ask for a discount. So many vendors are offering discounts in order to help their customers during this interesting economic climate!
  • Do your research and work with professionals that have the most experience with what you specifically are looking for.
  • Quality over Quantity.
  • Traveling? Many dresses can be packed safely in a small duffel by your seamstress! Ask Donna about her special “rolling” process. DBC take care of everything for you, just bring your luggage to your last appointment with us!
  • Embrace your guest count! We have heard nothing but incredible things from all of our most recent brides and they feel they truly had the ability to enjoy their special day, their guest, their food, their lover and everything so much more! 
  • Consider hiring a local wedding planner or coordinator. They not only can help make the wedding planning process fun and easy, but they may also be able to offer you expert guidance, special connection and inside knowledge!
  • Have a party on your anniversary! If you imagined having more guests at your wedding then you will be inviting consider having a big party for your first anniversary and celebrate our love with everyone you care about! This even gives you a second chance to wear your super spruced up outfits!

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about preparing for your microwedding or elopement please do not hesitate to reach out! For more about what to expect during your alterations process, check our our a BLOG HERE!  

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